13 Best RV Coffee Makers to Travel With

When traveling in an RV, space is limited and you want to find small items that you can easily travel with. But, you still want to get your coffee fix. To make sure you get both, we’ve put together a list of the best RV coffee makers!

Whether you want a cup of espresso, iced coffee, cold brew, or a good ol’ cup of joe, we’ve got you covered.

Best RV Coffee Makers


The Aeropress is a small device that makes a mighty cup of coffee. It’s unlike any other coffee maker out there! It uses a quick, total immersion brewing process and aims to replicate the French Press without the bitterness or high acidity.

You can make 1 to 3 cups per pressing and the entire process is done in just a minute. Once you’re finished, it’s easy to store away in a drawer!

Mr. Coffee Compact Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee is one of the most popular names when it comes to caffeine – and with good reason.

This mini coffee maker is simple and straight-forward. Plug it in, fill it with ground coffee, turn it on, and listen as your daily wake-up is brewed right before your eyes. It makes 1–4 cups of coffee.

Keurig Mini Coffee Maker

Keurig has become one of the biggest names in RV coffee makers (and coffee in general). It is an easy – and fun – way to make a cup of Joe.

This mini model takes up significantly less space, making it an ideal RV coffee maker. Just pop in your favorite K cup, press brew, and in just a minute or two, your coffee is ready.

Bozeman Portable Coffee Pot

What a lovely little coffee pot. This Bozeman coffee percolator is made with no aluminum or plastic and keeps your coffee perfectly fresh.

It’s easy to use and even easier to put away once you’re done. Since it’s made on the stovetop, there’s no need to plug it in or leave it on the counter.

Portable Espresso Maker

More of an espresso person? Now, you can indulge in your morning latte without the bulky espresso machines.

This portable espresso maker is beyond easy to use. Just add your coffee, fill it up with some hot water, and you’ll have a delicious espresso ready in just a few moments.

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

This easy pour over coffee maker is exactly what you need if coffee is part of your daily routine.

Simply put your coffee in, fill it up with water, and let the glass carafe fill with an aromatic and delicious treat.

Nespresso Vertuo

Another top name in coffee, Nespresso is Keurig’s biggest competitor. They’ve created one of their smallest machines yet!

At just 5.5 inches wide, this will take up barely any space in your RV, while also making delicious coffees. It’s easy to use and can brew 6 different cup sizes!

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker

Are you more of an iced coffee person? This might be the only RV coffee maker you need!

Now, you can make your favorite chilled caffeine drink at home. This little device is small and aesthetically pleasing, perfect for your RV countertops. It’s super easy to use and even comes with a reusable tumbler!

Breville Bambino Express

If you want an espresso machine for your RV, this is one of the smallest options out there that also works amazingly.

This espresso machine creates a coffee shop-level drink without the coffee shop-level of price. Plus, the compact design means you’ll be able to find space for it in your RV.

Smeg Coffee Maker

Want something small, effective, and retro? Look no further.

The Smeg retro coffee maker is like a blast from the past, with an easy to use interface that is new and improved. This coffee maker will add a touch of flair to any RV kitchen and, of course, makes a mean cup of Joe too.

3-in-1 Coffee Maker

When it comes to your RV, you’re all about saving space. This 3-in-1 coffee maker also includes a toaster oven and griddle, so you can make your entire breakfast all in the same appliance!

Your entire breakfast can be ready in just a few short minutes thanks to this hand-dandy device. Save space and time!

Microwave Coffee Maker

This easy-to-use rapid brew microwave coffeemaker will create a cup of caffeine easily and quickly.

Just fill it up and toss it in your microwave, and in minutes you will be enjoying your daily dose. You might think microwave coffee wouldn’t be good, but you might be surprised!

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Ready to enjoy some cold brew?

This cold brew coffee maker is perfect for you. Fill the 7-cup carafe with something ice cold and ultra-refreshing. You can even choose if you want it to taste mild, medium or bold! The tall design takes up less space, which is perfect for any RV.