39 Best RV Accessories and Gadgets for Easy Traveling

As lovely as RV traveling is, certain things can get a bit difficult. Whether you’re struggling to find space for everything or are just looking for some cool gadgets, we’ve shared the best RV accessories you can get!

Best RV Accessories

Breville Bambino Espresso Maker

When you need good — and we mean the best — espresso, you need Breville.

Their Bambino Espresso Maker will create the most delicious espresso your kitchen can provide (and it does a great job at steaming milk). You will think your RV has become a new hip coffee shop!

Portable Washing Machine

When you’re on the road, washing clothes can get difficult. Sure, you can stop at a laundromat. Or, you can get a portable washing machine!

This little guy can clean your clothes on-the-go. With different cycles and water level selections, you’ll feel like you never left your house.

Under Sink Organizer

When it comes to RV accessories, organizing products are some of the most helpful (especially if you live in your RV).

This under sink organizer is an expandable accessory for any kitchen, big or small. You can fit all your kitchen goods in one place to keep them handy.

Instant Pot 

Cooking on the road can get hard. As much as you might want a rice cooker and other convenient gadgets that make cooking a breeze, it’s hard to fit more than one or two.

Because of this, an Instant Pot is one of the most fundamental RV accessories. Rice, stews, chili, beans, yogurt — the number of things you can effortlessly make with this pressure cooker is enormous. They also have a version with an air fryer!

Spice Jar Clips

Keeping your spices organized is hard in any kitchen, let alone an RV with limited space.

These clips can attach onto the back of any cupboard and hold your spices, keeping them organized and freeing up space in your actual cupboards. It’s a win-win!

GPS Tracker 

This tiny, handy GPS tracker that can help you keep tabs on your RV or trailer.

The device is accurate and easy to use (the app is easy to use as well). This is a must-have gadget for those travelers looking to keep tabs on their vehicle.

Tire Pressure Gauge

A tire pressure gauge is a must-have accessory for any traveler. This will help you keep your tires filled and avoid flats!

It is easy to use and always accurate and small enough for you to take it anywhere. Extend your tire’s lifespan with this handy dandy tool.

RV Fridge Brace 

One of the most annoying things in the world is when your refrigerator is filled with bottles and items that roll around and cause a mess.

With these fridge braces, that hassle is a thing of the past. Now all of your chilled items will sit where they belong throughout the bumpiest of rides! Although you might need a few of these RV accessories to keep everything still, they’re worth it.

Over the Cabinet Organizer

This over the cabinet door organizer can hold your everyday kitchen items that have a nasty habit of getting lost (or maybe you have nowhere else to put them).

Your cupcake trays, cutting boards, and other items will have a permanent home on the back of any cabinet door.

Roll-Up Over the Sink Dish Rack

Odds are, you don’t have much space for a dish drying area in your RV. This space-saver is wonderful for items that need to be drained or hot pots that need to cool.

Once you’re done using it, you can easily roll it up and store it in a small space. Save space and time with this dish rack!

Stacking Can Rack Organizer

This stackable can organizer will keep all your soups, beans, chilis, fruits and more all in one place.

The rack can store up to 36 items with ease and won’t take up much space at all. This is an essential item for keeping your small RV kitchen organized.

Automatic Soap Dispenser

The automatic soap dispenser is the easiest and fastest way to keep clean and safe on the go.

Just slide your hands under the dispenser and watch the perfect amount of soap pour out (you can also use it for hand sanitizer). This is definitely a helpful accessory for your RV, apartment, office or anywhere you need a quick dose of cleanliness.

Car Vacuum Cleaner 

When you’re traveling or living in an RV, there isn’t much space for a full-size vacuum. But, things get just as dirty as a normal home, which is where a smaller vacuum comes in handy!

This portable vacuum is a wonderful tool for any tight space that needs a little pick-me-up. This cleaner will keep any surface looking professional and spotless, you will be proud to show it off.

EZ Level

This EZ level device from Camco will help you level any RV, camper or car with ease.

The bright, illuminated indicators will guide you and will take the hard work and stress out of keep things straight.

Camco Wrap Around Step Rug

Tired of dirt being brought into your RV? Well, look no further than this Camco wrap around step rug.

Just apply this rug to the steps leading into your RV and all the muck that belongs outside will stay outside.

Wyze Security Camera

Just like you want a security camera in a non-moving home, you’ll likely want one for your RV as well. This affordable camera will provide a clear, 1080p view of any location you need to keep tabs on.

You can also use the two-way audio feed to listen and speak up. This handy camera also automatically record a 12-second flip when it detects motion or sound.

Sun Visor Organizer

This sun visor organizer is a handy way to keep all your essentials in place.

Eyeglasses, credit cards, wallets, and more can sit comfortably in this visor organizer and won’t get lost ever again.

Space Saving Hangers 

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of traveling in an RV is storing your clothes, especially if traveling with a larger family.

That’s why these hangers are one of the most useful RV accessories you can get! They make it significantly easier by expanding your closet space. They hang down, allowing for 5 items to hang up in the space that one or two would have taken up!

Plastic Bag Dispenser

This plastic bag dispenser will keep all your plastic bags in place and secure.

Easy to install and capable of holding 25 plastic bags, this tool will keep your trash can empty and your kitchen clean. 

Car Cleaning Putty Gel

This cleaning putty gel will keep any RV surface clean as can be.

With its flexible material and shape, this is the perfect way to take care of all the nooks and crannies in your vehicle. Air vents, seats, steering wheels, and any other area of your car will remain squeaky clean. Plus, it is fun to clean with putty!

Stick on Shelf Organizer

This stick on shelf organizer is a wonderful way to add extra storage to your RV and keep all your everyday items in one place.

This tool can hold your phone, books, wallet, and more – it’s perfect to stick at your bedside. Keep your personal items close and organized with ease.

Slim Bathroom Storage 

This slim bathroom storage unit can keep any number of things in it. Soaps, shampoos, towels, tissues and more can all fit inside and you will never lose sight of them again.

Depending on how large your RV is, this could add a ton of storage space to your little bathroom, which is always a good thing!


This compact keyless RV lock will keep your RV secure and locked at all times.

Rest assured that your traveling home will remain safe when you’re on the go. It has a keyless design, easy-to-use keypad, durable design, and a remote fob that you can take with you.

Slim Rolling Cart 

This slim storage cart can be filled with all your traveling essentials, from soaps and lotions to tissues and cleaning items.

Plus, it comes with sturdy wheels and can move to wherever you need it.

Under Cabinet Paper Towel Mount

This under cabinet paper towel mount is so handy, you will wonder how you ever got by without it.

This clears up counter space, which is always needed in an RV. The mount is sturdy, looks nice, and is easy to install too!

Headrest Hooks

In an RV, you probably have a few headrests free. Hang these little guys on them to add storage space!

Whether you are hanging a shopping bag, purse, portable trash can, or umbrella, these headrest hooks are an essential item for any RV. Keep all your personal items in one place and keep your area clean.

Camper Pencil Holder

This adorable little pencil holder is an accurate replica of a vintage camper and is a wonderful gift for any RV-lover.

Created with durable materials easy to assemble, this one-of-a-kind pencil holder will add character and color to any desk. And of course, it will keep your pencils and pens in one place!

Portable Security System

One of the top RV accessories dedicated to safety, this travel door alarm will keep your RV safe and sound.

This device weighs less than 2 ounces and fits easily in any door. Simply apply it, turn it on, and then rest assured that your RV or hotel room will remain safe all through the day and night.

Slim Trash Can 

Are you tired of bulky trash cans taking up too much space in your RV?

This slim trash can will do away with that hassle. Its shape is perfect for any RV or small room and it easily fits under counters or inside cabinets. Plus it is made of durable materials that just won’t break! It also looks pretty sleek.

Space Saving Shoe Stacker 

Having trouble keeping your shoes organized in your RV?

The adjustable shoe stacker will hold your shoes easily and won’t take up unnecessary space. These stackers are perfect for any closet and any type of shoe too! They are made with an anti-slip design so once you place your shoes on here, they will stay put. 

Magnetic Fridge Organizer Rack

The best RV accessories make use of all unoccupied space. Why not the front of the fridge?

This magnetic fridge organizer rack can hold any number of items on the outside of your fridge. You no longer need to overfill cabinets and drawers! Now you can keep all your kitchen everyday essentials right on the fridge. Convenient and easy to find.

Portable Kitchen Utensils 

Large, bulky kitchen utensils can be a hassle in an RV. But, that doesn’t mean you need to eliminate them entirely.

These portable kitchen utensils will take care of so many issues. Their clever nesting design means that you can keep them in any type of drawer. Plus, they’re durable (and they look pretty cool).

Pants Hangers

These pants hangers will help you keep your wardrobe nice and tidy without taking up extra space. Each hanger can hold multiple pairs of pants and will prevent wrinkling. Hang your pants and find them with ease!

Fridge Side Shelf

You can store any number of kitchen goods with these fridge side shelf storage racks.

Spices, cereals, dressings, snacks — these racks can hold just about anything! You’d actually be surprised with how much this shelf can actually hold.

Vacuum Storage Bags

These vacuum storage bags are an easy and perfect way to bring along bulky items without them actually being bulky.

. Perfect for blankets, towels, pillows, and more, these bags can be filled, sealed and stored in the tightest of spaces.

Vertical Shoe Rack

This slim, 10-tier shoe rack will save space and keep all of your shoes in one place.

The skinny shape is a wonderful fit for even the smallest of closets! Aside from shoes, you can use it for other organizational purposes as well.

Hanging Closet Organizer

This hanging closet organizer comes with 42 pockets that will perfectly hold shoes, socks, jewelry, underwear, and more.

Just fill it up, hang it on the door and rest assured that all your possessions are in one safe, compact location. This is the perfect alternative to a dresser in an RV!

Camping Hammock

This easy-to-assemble camping hammock is a wonderful treat for any RV traveler who wants to slow down and kick their feet up.

A portable bed that can be hung between any two trees, this hammock comes in multiple colors and is made with durable, strong materials that will not fall apart. Relax, you deserve it!

RV Shaped Cutting Board 

How cute!

This RV shaped cutting board won’t dull your knives or store yucky bacteria or germs. Made with superior bamboo and shaped exactly like a vintage RV, this cutting board is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. It also makes a perfect gift!