10 Best RV Security Systems in 2021

When it comes to your RV or trailer, you can never be too safe. Theft is especially high, so it’s important to invest in RV security systems and other security products that make sure you won’t be having any issues.

Based on our experience and reviews, we’ve put together a list of the best RV security systems and other security products to ensure your trailer or RV stays safe and secure!


SimpliSafe is becoming the go-to name for home security and with good reason too.

This system is ready to protect your RV immediately. With 24/7 protection and cutting-edge technology, SimpliSafe is security you can relay on.

RVLock Keyless Entry System

Although this is more of a door lock rather than a full-on security system, it’s a great way to secure your RV.

This RVLock makes entering your RV quick and painless. All you need is a key fob and a code and that’s it! Easy to use, very durable, and incredibly safe, this is a lock pad that will give you peace of mind.

Eufy Security 

Eufy security provides a wireless video doorbell with no monthly fees!

Now, you can keep a safe eye on your RV at all times. Not only can you keep tabs on your trailer, this surveillance system can scare away anyone lurking around your RV.

Ring Security System

Ring has become a premiere security system because of its reliability and easy-to-use features.

This camera is installed at your front door and acts as a door bell that also provides a constant view of your door. Best of all, you can even use the built-in speaker to talk to whoever has arrived. Ring will ensure that no matter where you are, you’re never far from home.

Window Alarms

Since security systems might not always be reliable when using for your RV due to wifi and other issues, you’ll want to invest in other alarm systems.

These easy-to-install alarms make sure that no one will be sliding in through your windows. Mount them on any window sill and be alerted whenever a window opens. A must-have for any RV, they will add a level of security that you will be thankful for.

Blink Security System

The Blink indoor home security camera detects motion and sends an alert directly to your smartphone, so you are always aware of what’s going on in your home.

It is battery-powered and runs on WiFi, plus it comes with free cloud storage.

CARLOCK Anti-Theft GPS Tracker

Since theft is a real thing when it comes to trailers and RV’s, a GPS tracker is another great method of security. This way, if your trailer is stolen, you’re not out of luck.

This CARLOCK tracker alerts you whenever your vehicle is moved. Your phone will get an alert whenever your car starts rolling! You can hide it in the perfect spot, ensuring any thief doesn’t know it’s there.

On top of that, it also monitors the health of your car, so you will know when you should schedule your next mechanic appointment.

Trailer Lock

Worried about your trailer getting stolen? This durable, affordable, tough, top-of-the-line trailer lock won’t fall apart because of weather or rust and will keep your trailer safe.

This coupler fits virtually all 1-⅞, 2” and 2-5/16” trailer couplers. Plus, the bright color scheme means it’ll be impossible to miss.

Steering Wheel Lock

This steering wheel lock is a full cover airbag anti-theft device that will keep your steering wheel safe and secure and is invincible against saws or other devices.

Easy to secure and easy to store, it is the perfect way to keep your RV safe.

Ring Solar Camera

Peace of mind through rain or shine. That is what this Ring solar camera promises — and it delivers.

This device gives you a live view of your yard and home and is powered by the sun itself. It has an easy setup and is consistent no matter the weather outside.